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Running an organisation is a huge task and occasionally it is a challenge to handle all business processes internally.  In addition, some processes are temporary  and there is not a necessity to hire in-house professionals to perform the tasks.

Choosing the right HSEQ Partner involves more than just glancing at the services offered and the price lists, it depends on a number of factors. These include quality of work, value for money, timely delivery, responsiveness, reliability and flexibility.


HSEQ is not the "be all and end all", it is a supporting function there to help - not hinder. Delivering profitable numbers safely is a primary objective for all businesses.

Donna Hutchison, Director, Quensh

The key factors which have led to a growing trend of organisations engaging Quensh as their HSEQ Partner include:

  • Lack of internal expertise within their own organisation in areas of HSEQ and the recognition that Quensh are experienced in the HSEQ field.  This gives a Client the added advantage of not having to worry about the intricate details related to the service provision

  • Quensh’s consistent track record on providing a quality service and the valuable feedback.  Quensh can provide not only on processes but industry trends and expectations – on both a local and international scale

  • Recognising that Quensh are specialists in a range of HSEQ services and organisations have access to a full HSEQ department, but only when they require to do so

  • Increased efficiency which has the potential to contribute directly to the bottom line of an organisation

  • Availability of cost effective resource that does not compromise on the quality of the output

  • Allowing the organisation to concentrate on its core processes

  • Recognising that Quensh have the knowledge and expertise both on a local and international scale 

  • Reduces the needs to hire, hence recruitment and operational costs can be minimised

Interested in making up to 30% cost savings on your HSEQ? Call in Quensh.

Quensh HSEQ specialists

A common approach

We can maintain standards uniformly across every company or group within your organisation, ensuring your HSEQ is at an optimum level.

Quensh HSEQ specialists

Cost savings

Delivering significant cost savings (in some cases we have achieved up to 30%) through reduced operational expenditure and inclusive training costs.

Quensh HSEQ specialists

Fit for purpose

Assessing each project on an individual basis, to provide a bespoke, flexible solution resourced with the best competencies for the task. Our cost-effective outsourced approach means you only pay for our expertise when utilised.

Quensh HSEQ specialists

Single point of contact

Providing our clients with access to a pool of expertise across all HSEQ specialisms through a single point of contact.

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