Jill Butler-Rennie Presents at 2022 Floating Energy Forum

Quensh is passionate about engaging in important renewable energy conversations looking towards a more sustainable future, so we are thrilled that our very own Jill Butler-Rennie is invited to present at the 2022 Floating Energy Forum hybrid event. The forum is organised by Archer Knight and Energy Maritime Associates and aims to highlight and address the challenges in the oil and gas sector and the emergent commercial and technology considerations involved in the development of renewable offshore energy.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become a massive part of what we do here at Quensh and as our Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Jill brings nearly 20 years of experience in environmental engineering and sustainability from service companies, consultancies, engineering contractors and energy operators. Jill is especially well placed to share a wealth of ESG knowledge and insight. Speaking alongside Jill is a variety of energy sector professionals touching on why floating energy is such an important part of the renewable solution moving forward.

Jill will be delivering an overview of ESG and what that means to both Quensh and the clients we support, continuing by diving deeper into the benefits of integrating effective ESG policy into your business. Achieving her MSc in Offshore Technology, Jill can shed light on the clear advantages the floating energy industry can achieve by focussing on ESG best practice.

With imminent international, national and local Net Zero by 2050 targets, ESG has become a huge part of the conversation surrounding, not only the energy sector but, every industry. Quensh is proud of our progress and advancements in sustainability practices, now offering a fully comprehensive ESG service supporting our clients improve and strengthen their ESG frameworks.

For more information on the event and all of the speakers, head over to the Floating Energy Forum.

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