Verlume: Continuous commitment to HSEQ excellence

large ocean wave representing Verlume subsea technology

Verlume is a leader in intelligent management and storage technologies for the energy industry. Founded in 2013, the company uses its core intelligent energy management and storage systems to enable clean, resilient and integrated energy systems. Verlume’s Halo technology is a scalable, modular battery storage system with intelligent energy management, specifically developed for clean power delivery in the demanding underwater environment.


Working in the subsea environment and developing equipment that has to last 20 years or more in an inaccessible environment, HSEQ is a critical element of Verlume’s business. Verlume has always been strongly committed to HSEQ excellence, achieving ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 within their first year of business.  Since then, the company has experienced continued success in passing various audits to attain the correct certifications in HSEQ.

In 2021, the company took the decision to engage with Quensh in order to go above and beyond passing audits to further excel in their HSEQ practices.


Quensh provided HSEQ support which ensured legislative compliance and enabled Verlume to demonstrate continual improvement of systems.

We carried out the following tasks working closely with the Verlume team:

  • Supported the delivery of the HSEQ plan
  • Assisted senior management team in fulfilment of health and safety legislative compliance duties
  • Proactively advised on legislative and industry changes
  • Accident, incident and near-miss recording and reporting support
  • Attendance at management and client meetings to represent HSEQ
  • Supported the supply chain management team to identify business risk and determine preferred suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Aided hazard identification, facilitated risk assessments and implemented appropriate control measures to reduce risk
  • Advocated the application of appropriate operational controls as well as completing emergency drills identified through the management system
  • Supported the completion of supplier questionnaires
  • HSEQ input for invite to tender documentation
  • Continuous development and maintenance of existing HSEQ management systems and associated document control
  • Completion of internal and supply chain audits
  • Championed Verlume during audits by clients and third-party certification providers
  • Facilitation of management review process at designated intervals Facilitated safety meetings


From the first engagement with Quensh, Verlume were able to have immediate HSEQ support that prevented the need for a large overhead costs to the business.

The support from Quensh has allowed Verlume to embed continual improvement in HSEQ across the whole organisation to create a safe and efficient working environment.

The support from Quensh allowed Verlume’s management team to focus on the their operational and growth matters. The team has been encouraged to challenge themselves to further drive progress.

Through the placement of an onsite representative from Quensh, the HSEQ department has been strengthened with knowledge development through mentor-style support in relation to key activities. The flexible working approach from Quensh has also allowed the Verlume team to benefit from the support as and when required.

Implementation of new initiatives such as introducing an observation card scheme for all business activities has improved HSEQ communication company wide.

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